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Microsoft Dynamics GP and 2007 Microsoft Office Suite


Microsoft Dynamics GP and 2007 Microsoft Office Suite

Published 13 March 09 01:25 PM | ukdynamics

I often get asked from partners and customers about Office 2007 and Dynamics GP. With the last release of Dynamics GP we built a fantastic integration with the Microsoft Office System (SharePoint 2007) to allow Dynamics GP users take full advantage of the features of this fantastic product.

So what a I talking about exactly?

SharePoint (or officially the Microsoft® Office system) and Dynamics GP work together to help people optimise productivity, access and analyse information, and collaborate and connect securely across the entire organization—regardless of whether they’re working in Dynamics GP or other applications.

So just imagine this. You have a sales manager who always phones you up for the latest sales orders and invoices in Dynamics GP. You email them a spreadsheet. The figures are wrong. They phone you, you email them, you revise figures…etc, etc. Well using SharePoint and GP together you can take full advantage of the reports library with SharePoint to store you library of GP reports that are authored in Excel. When you open them they automatically refresh with the current data in GP so they have exact data in their finance system, on their desktops. They can take these reports off line, access them in Outlook and they are all controlled by the end users so they can build them in the format that they want.

Just think of the cost and time savings to you as a business with this. Just imagine how many pointless phone calls can be saved and emails typed.

The guys in Fargo have been working hard again and have now produced some great info on this. Click here to find out more.

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