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Mini Series - Improve User Experience IV


Mini Series - Improve User Experience IV

Published 24 March 09 04:36 PM | danielke

Choose a Signature for Different Recipients in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
If you want to use a different e-mail signature for different recipients (a different one for coworkers than for customers, for example), you can change your signature with two mouse clicks. Right-click your signature, and then click the other signature that you want to use.

Edit SharePoint Calendars from Outlook
You can add Microsoft SharePoint calendars to Microsoft Office Outlook.
1. In a SharePoint calendar, click Actions, and then click Connect to Outlook. This makes the SharePoint calendar available to your copy of Outlook.
2. In Outlook, go to the Calendar view.
3. On the left side, select the SharePoint calendar under Other Calendars. You will have the same viewing and editing rights from within Outlook that you have within SharePoint.

Minimize the Ribbon
The Ribbon helps you access more of the commands you need, when you need them. But if you want to see the Ribbon only when you need it, you can minimize it so that only the tab names appear all the time. To minimize the Ribbon in any program, double-click any tab name, or press CTRL+F1. You can also right-click any tab name for the option to minimize the Ribbon.

Written by Daniel Kenton-Smith

Exchange Ideas - Daniel Kenyon-Smith : Mini Series - Improve User Experience IV

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