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Sharepoint Internal Training Kit


Sharepoint Internal Training Kit

Published 23 March 09 12:00 PM | Nick Umney

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 dramatically changes the way people work – for the better. The Internal Buzz Kit is designed to help you generate demand for your newly deployed SharePoint Server 2007 sites, increasing your Return on Investment.  You may need to revise some of the pieces in the Kit, depending upon your particular deployment environment and company policies. You may download all the materials in one file, or download them separately. Download the SharePoint Internal Buzz Kit: Office SharePoint Server 2007 Buzz Kit

Build Excitement with a Presentation
How to use the presentation, Build SharePoint Buzz, SharePoint Buzz Video
Launch Day
Get Excited about Launch Day, SharePoint Evangelism Posters, Downloadable Poster Instructions
End User Training
Training Certificate, Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Datasheet, Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training Install Guide, Training End Users, Using Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training, Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (Standalone Edition), Office SharePoint Server 2007 Training (Portal Edition - must be installed by a server administrator on a SharePoint site)
Build Community
Developing Super Users, Super User Invitation , Finding Super Users , Building an online community
Demonstration Videos
How to use the SharePoint Internal Buzz Kit, Connect people to the right information with portals, Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Search For Files Websites Information and People, See how a SharePoint team site simplifies collaboration, Streamline business processes by using forms and workflow

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Great post. You explained the share point internal training kit.All the things you explained in short but in a good way.If we trained the peoples then its beneficial for our concern.Thanks
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