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Windows 7 Migration from Windows XP


Windows 7 Migration from Windows XP

Windows 7 has some great tools for migration from previous operating systems.  Some that come to mind are Deployment Imaging and Service Management (DISM), mounting VHD’s natively in the operating system and User State Migration.  But one of the best features in my opinion and many of my mates in the community is the ability to boot natively to a VHD.  This gives you flexibility in your migration scenarios and is one way you can preserve your settings from the previous OS installation.

Dugie who is based in Brisbane has done a great article on how to go from having Windows XP installed to having Windows 7 installed in the primary partition with Windows XP encapsulated into a VHD.  This can then be mounted in the OS and used later if needed in something like Virtual PC.  But I won’t steal Dugie’s thunder as he has done all the work and goes through the process in detail.

So check out his post here to find out how this all works.  This is a great example of how the new features in Windows 7 will ease migrations from older operating systems.  And below is a list of some additional tools you might want to look at as well.  All are free by the way..

Windows Automated Installation Toolkit for Windows 7 Beta
Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta 1


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