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Windows Live Admin Center


Windows Live Admin Center

Windows Live Admin Center

So the first question that springs to most people’s minds is “what on earth is the Windows Live Admin Center” (aside from another triumph from the Microsoft Product Naming Department).  Well it used to be called Windows Live Custom Domains (which was a far better name), and it allows you to offer all of the Windows Live features (email, LiveID, Messenger, storage etc) under your own domain name instead of using the domain.

Where this can be useful is in providing a group or community with an email address that is relevant to them, along with the other existing services such as 25Gb Storage, Messenger and so forth.  The advantage of this is not in getting a free email account – we all know how easy that is, but it is enabling a group to have a better identity online.  This could be done for charities, community groups, town, city’s – or even countries.  The limit is initially set to 500, but can be increased to an unlimited amount if you contact support.

As long as you own the domain it does not matter if it is .com,, .gov or whatever.  It is just a great way of offering the existing free Live services but under your own domain.

You have a number of different ways to create and manage accounts.  There is a web UI where you can happily create accounts, which works nicely for small numbers.  For larger numbers there is an SDK that gives you access to web services to add, update, delete and manage accounts so that you could automate the creation of accounts.  For completeness there is also the code to allow you to import csv files in the SDK.

If you don't want to manage the accounts, you can create it so that people can provision accounts for themselves.  This can either be done on your site or hosted on a page on the servers so you can email url’s to people.

I have a couple of spare domain names, so I thought I would see what it is all about and how easy is it.  Well the short answer is, it works and it is really simple.

You add in the Domain you want to host, and then for that domain (you will need to update the details with whoever is managing your domain – they normally have an admin page where you can do it yourself) you need to add or change the MX record so that the mail is delivered to the Hotmail servers rather the existing ones.  You can also point a sub-domain such as to the hotmail page as well.

All in all it took about 3-5 minutes to do, and after a few minutes of waiting for the changes to sync you are now sending and receiving emails from your own domain and email accounts.

Nice, simple, easy. (unlike the name)

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Naytee said...

I've been using Windows Live Domains for a while now and I have ran into a few teething problems (which ironed themselves out) but one has not and it has been there since June and the Microsoft team have done nothing to rectify it or find a solution, so I have been looking for a solution. Maybe you could help me.

I want to have an email address, say This email address will redirect all emails to,, and I haven't found a solution as yet, but I was wondering if you knew how to get it using the free Domains service. I would be eternally grateful if you could give me a hand on it.

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