Saturday, January 3, 2009



Project: StickySorter

StickySorter is an Office Labs sponsored spare-time project by two Microsoft employees, Julie and Sumit. The idea sprung from the need for project teams all over the world to gather and organize data using a collaborative process known as affinity diagramming.  Since its inception, StickySorter has evolved into a desktop application so anyone can use it to collaborate and organize ideas electronically, using a familiar sticky note interface.

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Using StickySorter you can:

  • Effectively organize ideas into named groups which can be easily manipulated and rearranged.

  • Create custom views of data imported from spreadsheets or entered directly in the application.

  • Improve virtual brainstorming with features for navigating, searching, and arranging notes.

  • Collaborate across geographic boundaries by using StickySorter with Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

Download StickySorter to test drive this Office Labs Community Project or get the backstory on Julie and Sumit’s blog post.


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