Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows 7 tips & tricks


Windows 7 tips & tricks

Published 13 January 09 08:22 PM

The Beta’s out!  I’ve been using it for the past week and a half now, and so far it’s rocking and rolling!  Really like some of the usability features, and looking forward to trying things like AppLocker and Direct Access.  I was reading Tim Sneath’s blog the other day, where he posted some interesting tips and shortcuts, my favourite of which are below:

  • Win+Left Arrow and Win+Right Arrow - dock;
  • Win+Up Arrow and Win+Down Arrow - maximizes and restores / minimizes;
  • Win+Shift+Up Arrow and Win+Shift+Down Arrow - maximizes and restores the vertical size.
  • Win+P, – quickly change displays:
    The Win+P Projector Settings window allows you to quickly switch display settings.
  • Win+Home - minimize all the non-active background windows
  • Win+Shift+Left Arrow and Win+Shift+Right Arrow - move windows from one monitor to another
  • Win+1, Win+2, Win+3 - open the corresponding icon on the taskbar.  In the below example, Win+1 will open IE, Win+2 for Outlook, Win+3 for Windows Explorer etc.image
    • Also on the above, left-clicking and dragging upwards on a taskbar icon opens the Jump List (useful if you are using touch screen or only have one mouse button!)

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