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SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 4


SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 4

This is the fourth in a series of posts highlighting Scott Cate’s video series of Visual Studio tricks over the last few months from Sara Ford’s blog.

As I mentioned in Part 1, many of the commands are documented in the  SQL Server 2008 help topic – SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts.

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#57 [Ctrl]+[J] invokes statement completion
This works best when using aliases.

#59 Resize the Statement Completion Window
A handy way to see more items where vertical size is persisted.

#61 Presenters Must Read .. Increase the Editor Tooltip Font Size
This is something that I already have in my demo environment. It’s useful for people with old eyes as well.

#62 Display parameter info for a function
Using [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[SPACE] is very handy if you missed the parameter info the first time.

#64 Keyboard Shortcut to Display Quick Info Tooltip
In SSMS, the command is a little different. You need to use [CTRL]+[K], [CTRL]+[I]

#65 Edit.WordComplete via Intellisense
This is handy typing in column names without having to display the drop down list.

[CTRL]+[Space] or [ALT]+[RIGHT]

#66 Using Quick find in the Current Document
Calls out how you can also dock the Find tool window.

#67 Search in hidden text in the editor
Something to remember if you get in the habit of collapsing statements.

That’s all of Scott’s great tips that also apply to SSMS.

Bill Ramos on SQL Server : SQL Server Management Studio Tips – Part 4

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